How to Create a Personal Brand as an Accountant

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Branding isn’t just about marketing for companies or products. Personal branding applies the same principles of determining the perception you want people to have of you, and then taking steps to maintain that image. As an accountant, personal branding can be what sets you apart from your competitors and makes your clients want to give you their business time and time again. Create a personal brand as an accountant with these tips:


  • Clarify Key Strengths

The foundation of any brand is what you have to offer that others don’t. Clarify your key strengths – what are the skills at which you excel, or the personality traits that make you a top notch accountant? Once you have clearly defined what you have to offer, you can build your brand strategy around it.


  • Narrow Your Audience

Not everyone has the same needs or preferences in an accountant. To make your personal brand effective, narrow down your target audience. Who do you want to appeal to, or who do think would most benefit from having you as an accountant? Consider demographics, such as age, industry, level of experience, etc.


  • Develop a Message

Transform your brainstorming into creating your actual personal brand by developing a personal brand message. These two to three sentences should describe your key skills and personal traits, the audience you serve, your values and/or mission, and what sets you apart from others. Whenever you make decisions, compare them to your personal brand message to see how well it aligns with your purpose.


  • Utilize Platforms

Whenever you are creating content for an online platform, always keep your personal brand top-of-mind. Whether it’s writing for your website or posting on social media, utilize these platforms to advance the message of your personal brand. Casual readers should be able to have a sense of your brand after seeing your online presence.


  • Network

Solidify your personal brand by creating awareness of it through networking. The most well-crafted personal brand won’t successfully help you achieve your goals unless you are out there, spreading the word. Participate in LinkedIn group discussions, attend industry events, and take advantage of any opportunities to meet fellow accounting professionals or clients.


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