How to Be the Manager Who Increases Employee Engagement

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A lack of employee engagement is a major problem for many managers. Hiring talented employees only to see them lose their drive to perform above and beyond is frustrating and negatively impacts both productivity and morale. To improve employee engagement, you don’t have to throw money at the problem – the most effective solutions are cost-free. Learn more about how to increase employee engagement with these tips:


  • Focus on Transparency

Employees may feel disengaged if they are kept out of the loop. Get them involved by being transparent with company information, such as organizational goals and performance metrics. You may think it’s not interesting or relevant to them, but getting a sense of the big picture can make your employees motivated to work hard since they understand what they are working toward.


  • Get to Know Them as Individuals

Often employees feel like they are not seen or valued as individuals by leadership. Get to know each of your team members one-on-one by asking questions and showing interest in them. Being the type of manager who acknowledges life events and asks questions to learn more about them tends to make employees truly feel like part of a team, which in turn makes them feel more engaged.


  • Listen to What They Have to Say

A common complaint of disengaged employees is that they feel like leadership does not care about their perspectives and is not receptive to feedback. If you want to engage your team, simply be willing and eager to listen to what they have to say. Ask questions about their concerns, solicit their opinions for problem solving, and request they share their ideas so they know they have a voice.


  • Invest Time in Their Professional Development

If you want your employees to feel committed to your company, they need to be able to see a future that is beneficial to them. Don’t just focus on what your employees can do for the company – make their professional development a priority. Discuss their long term career goals with them, and take the time to help them work toward them, such as by offering training or extra responsibilities to gain experience.


  • Recognize Their Effort and Value

True engagement comes from within, when employees have an internal drive to work hard and succeed because they find it personally fulfilling. And while these top performers aren’t doing it for the accolades, their motivation can wane after a while if their effort isn’t recognized. Spark engagement by acknowledging their effort and expressing your appreciation for their contributions. A simple thank you may be among the most effective, yet quickest and easiest solutions to engagement issues.


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