Is the Commute Time A Big Factor in Job Seeking?

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When you’re considering which jobs you would like to pursue, you likely weigh the job duties, compensation, and other perks as a major factor in your decision. However, there is one factor of which many job seekers tend to underestimate its importance: commute time. A lengthy commute has potential drawbacks that, while may not be a deal breaker for you, should nonetheless play a significant role in your decisions. Learn more about why commute time should be a factor in your job seeking:


  • Cost

Whether it’s fuel costs for driving yourself or paying for public transportation, a longer commute can cut into your salary. When you’re considering if a job that requires more commute time is worth it, run the figures to ensure that the commuting costs are workable in your budget.


  • Time

It may not be the distance of your commute that could cause issues, but the amount of actual time it takes. Find out what the commute time would be for your work schedule – for example, if it lands during rush hours, the amount of traffic could double the commute length compared to other times of the day. Then, you can determine if the commute time would be doable for you.


  • Opportunity

Even the most grueling commute time may be worth it as a short term sacrifice, if the job could be a stepping stone and lead to bigger opportunities in the long term. Reflect on the job and how it fits into your overall career goals. If the position could get your foot in the door and help you make progress toward your goals, the commute time could be worth it to you.


  • Flexibility

Your lifestyle and accompanying obligations may be a major factor in the importance of commute time for a job. If you need to be back from work by a specific time, such as for childcare or classes you take, a job with a longer commute may not work for your lifestyle since you won’t have the flexibility you need. For example, if there is heavy traffic or issues with public transportation, you may not be able to predict your arrival time.


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