Why Taking Regular Breaks Throughout the Workday is Good for Your Mental Health


Your workload as a manager may not seem like it leaves room for any downtime, but taking breaks is not only crucial for productivity, it’s also necessary to maintain your wellbeing. Just like you can’t physically move consistently without running out of energy, your brain can’t be engaged all day on work tasks without getting drained. That fatigue can end up negatively impacting your mental health – learn more about why taking regular breaks throughout the workday is good for your mental health.


  • Improves Information Retention

When you are mentally fatigued but try to muster up your energy and push through, you are more prone to forgetting things. Taking regular breaks reduces the likelihood of making errors since allowing your brain to rest helps improve information retention. Your mental health will be better when you’re not constantly scrambling to deal with the aftermath of constant forgetfulness and mistakes.


  • Reduces Procrastination

Forcing yourself to work without breaks puts strain on your brain that is ultimately unsustainable, which is why it leads to procrastination. Lacking mental energy makes the smallest tasks seem overwhelmingly difficult and may contribute to anxiety as your workload continues to build. Making it a priority to take regular breaks can reduce procrastination because you’ll have the energy and drive to tackle your tasks.


  • Decreases Stress

Being constantly on the go at work leaves you no time to just let yourself breathe and de-stress. If you don’t take time away for a few minutes just to do something relaxing, even just deep breathing or having casual chat and laughing with your team, your stress levels will not have a chance to come down. Chronic stress can significantly impact your mental health by contributing to long term anxiety or depression.


  • Prevents Burnout

If you skip breaks because of your desire to work hard and be a top performer, it could end up backfiring and making you apathetic to your job. Over time, if you refuse to make it a priority to take breaks at work, it ultimately could lead to burnout and a total loss of motivation at work. Eventually your brain will reach its maximum capacity for stress, and react by making you lose total motivation and simply stop caring about your work.


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