Set Yourself Up to Find a New Job this Fall

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As the carefree days of summer come to an end, you may find yourself with a reinvigorated sense of motivation for your professional goals. The fall season is an ideal to job search – decision-makers are back in the office and there’s time for you to get noticed by hiring managers before the holiday season lull by the end of the year. Set yourself up to find a new job this fall with these tips.


  • Update Your LinkedIn Profile

Transition into your job search activities for the fall is by updating your LinkedIn profile with your most recent work experience and accomplishments. LinkedIn not only provides you the opportunity to network, but it’s also a common way recruiters use to contact you for potential opportunities. Hiring managers also like to check out candidates’ LinkedIn profiles, so take the time to ensure your LinkedIn profile is up-to-date and clearly represents your qualifications.


  • Reach Out to Professional Contacts

Spread the word to your professional contacts that you’re considering new job opportunities. Send a quick email letting them know you’re job searching and politely asking them if they have any job leads or bring it up during personal social interactions – you never know who will be the one to give you a referral or offer to introduce you to one of their contacts who could help.


  • Freshen Up Your Resume

Your resume is the most important tool in your job search, so if you want to land a job this fall, take the time to freshen it up. As you update it to add your most recent job, write your bullet points so they describe your accomplishments, and not just your job duties. Eliminate buzzwords or subjective phrases (i.e., “hard worker” or “creative”) and include common keywords that are in job descriptions for the types of jobs you want.


  • Narrow Down Jobs of Interest

Before you start applying, see what types of job postings are out there so you can create a focused strategy. Review online job postings and see what ones catch your interest, even if they are outdated or in a different location. Once you can clearly define what types of jobs you want, you will be able to more quickly filter through postings and apply.


  • Develop a Schedule and Goals

Don’t wait until you’re feeling motivated or have a block of free time to tackle your job search. Consistency is more important than concentrated larger bursts of effort in successfully landing a job because it will always be top-of-mind and you’ll be prepared to apply quickly when you find jobs of interest. Develop a schedule of which days/times to devote to different job search-related tasks, such as working on your materials, reaching out to contacts, searching for job posts, etc. Keep yourself on track with your schedule by setting goals (i.e., “Spend 30 minutes a day looking for leads” or “Contact five people per week on LinkedIn.”)


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