4 Tips for Making the Most Out of Your Job Search

Job searching is time-consuming, so you owe it to yourself to ensure your effort will truly pay off. It may seem like a straightforward process, but there is more you can do to optimize your job search than simply submitting applications and waiting to hear back. Check out these four tips for making the most out of your job search:


Reduce Distractions with Focus-Boosting Tools


Consistency is arguably the most important factor in a successful job search. You never know when the perfect opportunity will arise, and you need to be prepared to apply when it does so you don’t miss out. Rather than devoting large windows of time to job searching every so often, make it a priority to work on it in smaller chunks of time on a regular basis. And when you’re working on your job search activities, especially when it’s for a shorter period of time, be all in to make the most of the limited time: reduce distractions with focus-boosting tools that block certain websites or social media, such as SelfControl or ColdTurkey.


Track Your Job Search Activity


Staying organized can help you be more productive in your job search. Using a spreadsheet or document to track your job search activity, such as what jobs you applied for, where you found the position, who you networked with, and the outcome from each attempt, benefits your job search because you’ll be able to review it and see at a glance how it’s going and what strategies are most effective. You can also use your job search activity log to set specific goals to track, which allows you to maintain motivation and ensure you are making progress (i.e., how many jobs you want to apply to or number of people you want to reach out to in a week).


Screen Your Resume for Optimal Performance


When you apply for a job, it’s very likely that your resume/application will be run through an applicant tracking system (ATS), a software that automatically filters candidates based on preset criteria. The potential downside for candidates is that, although they may actually be qualified, their application may be inaccurately designated as unqualified, simply because it didn’t have the right keywords for which the software was looking. Screen your resume ahead of time for optimal performance by utilizing a free web-based software, such as Resunate, that will predict how an ATS will evaluate it. Then, you can make changes as necessary before you apply, and prevent your application from landing in the “No” section.


Maximize Your LinkedIn Presence


Recruiters and hiring managers utilize LinkedIn in their evaluation strategies to learn more information about your qualifications and professional online reputation, which can strengthen your standing as a candidate. Make it as easy as possible for them to find you by maximizing your LinkedIn presence. If you haven’t already, edit the URL of your profile to make it your name, rather than the random default (this is found in the “edit profile” section) and a keyword related to your industry or title. You can include this custom URL on your resume, as well as your email signature. Plus, it also makes it easy for potential contacts to find you and connect for networking purposes – a win-win for your job search.


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