How to Make Company Culture a Top Priority

Your company’s culture, or its shared set of values, attitudes, and behaviors, is among the most influential factors for success. It affects employee engagement, productivity, recruitment, retention, and branding. But how do you take an organic and broad concept like culture and take actionable steps to develop it? Learn more with these tips about how to make company culture a top priority:


Focus on Core Values


A company’s core values are at the heart of its culture. Before you can get started making culture a top priority, clearly define what values are most important, such as honesty, accountability, boldness, innovation, teamwork, etc. Then, base all decisions your company makes, from new products to new employee policies, upon these core values to strengthen the culture organically.


Act How You Want Others to Act


Culture tends to come from the top down, meaning that leaders need to set the tone. Be an example of the change you want to see in your company’s culture and act the way you want your employees to act. While it may feel a bit awkward or forced at first, eventually it will trickle down and influence your team, or at least demonstrate the expectations for the direction in which you would like to shift the culture.


Ask People What They Want


Effective culture change cannot be forced; it must develop according to the mindsets and actions of the people who make up the environment. If you are struggling with a negative workplace culture, in order to turn it around and make it authentically positive, simply ask people what they want. Solicit their feedback on their current levels of job satisfaction and how it has changed over time, as well as what they like and what they would do differently. Once you take the pulse of the current atmosphere, you can think of improvements and how they can fit into your overall leadership strategy.


Hire the Right People


In order to truly make your company culture a top priority, you have to bring in the people who align with it, rather than trying to force people into a culture in which they don’t fit. When you’re making hiring decisions, keep culture fit top-of-mind so you can cultivate and maintain a work environment that is true to your company’s core values.


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