Questions You Should Be Prepared to Answer During Your Accounting Interview

Accountants play such a valuable role in organizations that hiring managers must have the utmost confidence in whoever they decide to hire for their accounting positions. If you want to land an accounting job, it’s crucial to take the time to plan for your job interview so you can best represent yourself. Here are common questions you should be prepared to answer during your accounting interview:


“What types of accounting software have you used? Which are your most and least favorite and why?”


Be ready to discuss the basics of your accounting knowledge, particularly in terms of technology. Your interviewer will want to learn about your experience with accounting software, as well as your general attitude regarding comfort level with technology, and your ability to adapt to learning new software as needed.


“Describe a time in which you made a recommendation or noticed an error that ended up saving money or improving the bottom line.”


Companies want to hire accountants who go beyond just performing their job duties and are deeply invested in using their knowledge to benefit the company’s bottom line. Offering a specific example of when you were proactive in suggesting positive changes to your previous employer’s financials will demonstrate that you are the type of employee who will go above and beyond and be truly engaged with their work.


“What steps do you take to stay organized and prevent errors?”


When you’re applying for an accounting job, the employer is putting their trust in you to handle such critical information and abide by regulations. There are so many details and deadlines to keep track of, even a talented and skilled accountant could have disastrous consequences for a company if they aren’t conscientious. Make it clear that you’re up for the responsibility by being able to clearly describe your process for paying attention to detail and not letting things fall through the cracks.


“What made you want to become an accountant?”


You may wonder why it matters to hiring managers why you’re in the line of work that you’re in, but beyond results and expertise, they want someone with passion for the industry. Accountants are prone to burnout, and to maintain success and be an engaged top performer, you have to have a deeper purpose for why you’re doing it. Contemplate what drew you to the field originally and what you currently find rewarding, so the interviewer will have trust that you will be dedicated, even when times get stressful.


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