How to Leave Your Job Without Burning Bridges

Quit Job

Quit JobAfter you’ve made the decision to quit your current job, you may be more preoccupied about moving on to your new opportunity than the impression your soon-to-be former employer has of you. However, the manner in which you leave a job can greatly impact your professional reputation – and even if you are absolutely certain you will not want to return to that employer, you never know when you’ll need a positive reference in the future. Learn how to leave your job without burning bridges with these tips:

Give Ample Notice

It is a professional courtesy to give your employer at least two weeks notice that you are leaving. While it’s not required, providing your employer ample notice allows them time to plan your exit in a way that minimizes disruptions as much as possible – and will leave your professional reputation intact.

Talk to Your Boss First

When you’re ready to leave your job, keep the news to yourself until you have a chance to notify your immediate boss first. If they hear it secondhand from others, it can come across as disrespectful and risk you leaving on a bad note.

Keep it Positive

No matter the specific reason you’ve chosen to quit, to prevent burning bridges, maintain a positive attitude about your soon-to-be former workplace. When you deliver the news to your boss and/or discuss it with your colleagues, keep your explanation simple and brief, and avoid anything that could be construed as negativity toward the company.

Assist in the Transition

Depart from your job on good terms by being as helpful as possible in easing the transition. Finish up any key tasks, put together any relevant notes for whoever may be filling in until a replacement is found, and update your boss on the status of any outstanding projects.

Say Thank You

No matter how happy you are to be moving on from your job, it’s still important to express your appreciation for the opportunity. Even if there were negative extenuating circumstances that led to your choice to quit, if you want to prevent burning bridges, still maintain your professionalism and sincerely thank your boss for the chance to learn, grow your skills, and gain experience.

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