How to Secure an Entry-Level Financial Analyst Job

Financial analysts are responsible for reviewing financial data and examining it to make recommendations for decisions for organizations. Getting your foot in the door as a financial analyst provides you the opportunity for significant growth in your career, but how do you get started? Learn more about how to secure an entry-level financial analyst job:

1. Gain Junior Level Experience

Take advantage of any opportunities you can to get hands-on experience. Many financial firms have specific programs intended to recruit talent for their entry-level positions. If you’re in college or a recent alum, your university may have a partnership with finance organizations to supply them with interns. Some places also host their own recruitment programs in house, especially for underrepresented demographics, which can help you gain experience.

2. Get Involved in the Industry

To give yourself an edge on the other entry-level competition, make it a priority to learn as much about the finance industry as possible. Subscribe to industry email newsletters, read and comment on blog posts, join LinkedIn groups and ask questions, attend conferences, etc. Getting involved in the industry is developing an understanding of it that will help you better sell yourself in cover letters and interviews for entry-level roles.

3. Grow Your Network

Hiring managers are more likely to give a chance to candidates who lack experience if an influential professional provides an introduction or recommendation. Grow your network of contacts to improve your chances of securing an entry-level financial analyst role. Reach out to fellow alumni from your university, as well as family, friends, or acquaintances, who may have ties to the finance industry. You never know who may have a job lead or be able to get you in touch with a hiring manager.

4. Boost Your Marketability

The challenge with landing an entry-level position is that it can be hard to stand out and get noticed among other candidates. Since you don’t have an extensive work history to utilize, you can boost your marketability with extra skills. Speaking a second language can be a valuable asset as a financial analyst, especially for a global services firm, as well as any relevant soft skills, such as technology, communication, etc.

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