How to Start Your Accounting Job Search After COVID-19

The COVID-19 crisis caused so many companies to close down or significantly reduce operations, so you may be curious about the likelihood of success for job hunting. However, many employers still are in need of crucial positions like accountants, so don’t hold off and miss out. Start your accounting job search after COVID-19 with these tips:  

Amp Up Your Networking 

Reach out to your personal and professional contacts virtually, such as by email or LinkedIn, to let them know you’re job searching and if they have any leads for you. Networking is an integral part of a job search normally, but in the COVID-19 era where there may be hiring freezes or fewer posted job openings, getting a recommendation or hearing who’s hiring can greatly help.  

Search Actively for Openings 

For specialized careers like accounting, you need to dig deeper to find opportunities. Avoid general job boards and instead search actively for openings. Narrow down companies you’d be interested in working for and regularly check their website for any newly posted positions. Seek our industry-specific job sites or consider working with a staffing firm that specializes in finance.   

Optimize Your Resume 

Hiring managers typically utilize applicant tracking software (ATS) to streamline the initial assessment process so they don’t have to manually filter out resumes (from sometimes dozens or even hundreds) to find qualified candidates. If you meet most of the requirements, there’s still a chance you could get filtered out if your resume doesn’t contain the keywords the ATS may be scanning to identify. Review the job description and optimize your resume for it by including the same words and phrases. This is especially important with accounting, which uses industry jargon and acronyms.  

Highlight Soft Skills 

What sets one accountant candidate apart from another to hiring managers is the skills they possess beyond the technical. Highlight the soft skills you have that make you a top performer to the workplace. In-demand soft skills for accountants include communication, teamwork, problem-solving, and leadership.   

Rehearse for Your Interview  

Make the best impression possible at job interviews by rehearsing your key talking points that support why you would be the right accountant to hire. Structure your responses to include metrics of your achievements and detailed real-life examples of situations. Also, be prepared for the possibility of virtual interviews and ensure you have the proper technology, such as a laptop with a webcam, and comfort using it.   

Follow Up 

The manner in which you follow up with hiring managers can influence their perception of you. After an interview, be sure to send a quick message expressing your appreciation for taking the time to meet with you and for the consideration for the job. It’s such a quick and simple action but can reiterate your enthusiasm for the position, as well as your level of professionalism.  

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