In-Demand Accounting Jobs for 2021

Since all businesses deal with financial matters in some form, a career in accounting provides you many options. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for accounting jobs was $71,550 in 2019, and the industry job outlook is projected to grow 4% over the next 10 years, as fast as average. Learn more about the in-demand accounting jobs for 2021:     

Staff Accountant   

Staff accountants handle all of the day-to-day accounting needs of organizations or accounting firms. This includes maintaining financial records, handling payments, preparing reports, and ensuring regulatory compliance. Since companies of all sizes and industries have accounting needs, you will likely have many options to choose from to fit your needs and preferences if you pursue this role, from large scale corporations to small businesses.   

Senior Accountant     

Senior accountants are responsible for overseeing the financial reporting and reconciliation of companies or firms. They generally lead a team of accountants who handle the day-to-day administrative work. As a senior accountant, you would need to be a leader and effectively guide junior-level accountants and ensure their work is accurate and follows company control procedures and federal and state regulations.  


It is crucial for companies to abide by state and federal regulations, or it could cost them greatly. Auditors are responsible for ensuring companies are following required procedures and keeping up with constantly changing legislation. As an auditor, you can be internal (working for the company itself) or external (working for organizations required to oversee financial activities of companies), so you have plenty of options in this role.   

Financial Analyst   

If you would rather focus on using your accounting background to help companies or individuals make financial decisions rather than simply handling day-to-day figures, being a financial analyst may be for you. Financial analysts review past performances as well as market trends and projections to make recommendations to help companies and/or clients make the most fiscally responsible use of their funds.  

We Can Help You Find an Accounting Position

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