Onboarding? How to Get Your New Accountant Up to Speed During Tax Season

The main goal for onboarding new employees is to get them acclimated and ready to make a meaningful contribution as soon as possible. However, when you’re bringing on new accountants during tax season and have no time to waste, it’s especially critical to have a strategic plan in place. Effectively onboard new accountants during tax season with these tips:

Develop a Personalized Set of Documentation

Starting a new job is often an overwhelming experience with a dizzying array of new information to retain. Make it easier for new accountants to take control of the learning process by developing a personalized documentation set. Consider the most crucial “must know” information and processes, and compile it into one centralized resource. This will allow employees to learn at their own pace, as well as be able to look up information until it becomes memorized. 

Have All Equipment/Programs Ready to Use

Tackle as many of the logistics ahead of time, so on day one, your new employee can get right to work instead of spending time waiting around to get into their email inbox or software. Having all equipment and/or login credentials and program access ready for them to use will also make your new hire feel welcomed as a member of the team. 

Get Them Privy to the Culture

Connect with your new accountant on a more personal level and give them the lowdown on the everyday culture, especially during tax season. Get candid and explain how things are normally done on a day-to-day basis, such as how late employees work during the busy period. Provide a realistic portrayal, so they don’t have to waste time discovering the culture through trial and error. 

Make Onboarding a Team Effort

Designate particular employees to help with different aspects of onboarding your new accountant, rather than having it solely your responsibility as a supervisor, to streamline the process. This could be as simple as assigning a specific employee to be the go-to for answering questions or as involved as partnering someone as an official mentor for a period of job shadowing. 

Explain How Success is Measured

Establish expectations upfront so your new accountant will have a clear idea of if they are catching on quickly enough or if they need to reach out for additional support. Explain how success is measured in the role, and communicate a short-term goal you would like them to meet so they can assess their progress in getting up to speed.  Check-in regularly to see how things are going and if they need anything from you to acclimate. 

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