How COVID-19 Has Impacted the Job Market for Aspiring Accountants

The COVID-19 pandemic has had widespread effects on overall business operations, unlike anything even the most seasoned professionals have experienced in their careers, and is likely to leave a lasting mark. While the accounting and finance industry wasn’t as hard hit as other sectors, COVID-19 has led to changes, especially in the job market that may require a switch in hiring strategy. Learn more about how COVID-19 has impacted the job market for aspiring accountants: 

Challenges in Networking

With in-person events brought to a halt, along with issues with work-life balance for the many professionals who are juggling working from home with caretaking children or other demands, there are fewer opportunities (as well as time and energy) for networking and building connections. These challenges in networking are making it more difficult for prospective candidates to learn about opportunities or get introductions to those who are influential in hiring decisions. 

Change in Hiring Process

The actual hiring process has changed significantly due to COVID-19, especially in terms of interviewing and the overall time frame. Aspiring accountants who may have been prepping for in-person interviews now have to get ready for the unfamiliar world of making a positive impression over video. Additionally, they may also have to wait longer for decisions to be made with it becoming commonplace for employees to have to suddenly quarantine and be off work. 

Increased Need for Remote Work

Transitioning from in-office work to remote work has had its own challenges for experienced accountants. However, for accountants trying to land their first professional jobs, the increased need for remote work due to safety reasons can make their foray into the industry a bit uncertain. They may have difficulties feeling confident in their performances and if they are meeting expectations, as well as learning the culture and knowing how to best get their questions answered. 

Different Soft Skills to Highlight

COVID-19 has made it apparent which soft skills are crucial for accountants to have to maintain productivity during times of uncertainty. Aspiring accountants now have to demonstrate their aptitude in the most in-demand soft skills for accountants in order to get the attention of hiring managers. This includes adaptability, communication, technology, and problem-solving skills in particular. 

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