The Top 3 Questions to Ask That Will Impress Your Interviewer

As a candidate, the answers you give during a job interview aren’t the only factor in making a positive impression on the interviewer – the questions you ask are just as important. Asking thoughtful questions during your interview will demonstrate that you take the opportunity seriously and are enthusiastic about it. Here are the top three questions to ask that will impress your interviewer:

1. What is the Average Day Like in This Role?

Job descriptions may give a laundry list of possible tasks, but it doesn’t tell the whole story since it’s likely some duties will be more prevalent than others. Asking about the day-to-day responsibilities of the role makes it clear to the interviewer that you are truly giving the job careful consideration. Plus, it gives you the chance to further communicate how you can be an asset to the company if you didn’t already highlight examples of strengths in those particular areas earlier in the interview. 

2. How is Success Measured?

When hiring managers extend job offers, they are taking a calculated risk that the candidates will provide value to the company. Making the wrong decision costs them significant time, money, and stress, so impress your interviewer by emphasizing your commitment to being a top performer if hired. By asking how success is measured, you will show that you’re a hard worker who will do what it takes to excel and flourish in the role. 

3. What Are the Next Steps in the Process?

Job interviews are not just for the interviewer to learn about you – it is also for you to gather information and make an educated decision on if you want to be hired. Hiring managers don’t want to deal with going through the effort of making a decision on a candidate, only to get turned down. Asking about the next steps in the process will let the interviewer know you are still enthusiastic about wanting to land the job. It will also benefit you to have a clear understanding of the decision-making timeline so you can set your expectations accordingly. 

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