5 Tips to Help You Build a Strong Internal Talent Pipeline

Waiting until you have available positions to start looking for candidates not only makes the recruitment process more time-consuming, but may also leave you from selecting from “good enough” prospects instead of the best candidates. The key to more effective recruitment is to be proactive and start finding prospective candidates even before you have an immediate hiring need. Check out these five tips to help you build a strong internal talent pipeline:

1. Strengthen Employer Branding

Before you implement a strategic candidate outreach initiative, have a strong employer brand in place. Employer branding refers to the reputation your organization has as an employer. When prospective candidates consider pursuing new opportunities, they want a clear idea of what it would be like to work for you. Clearly define your organization’s mission, core values, company culture, etc. Once you have clarified what sets you apart from your competitors, strengthen your employer branding by communicating these factors at every opportunity, such as your company website, social media, or networking events. 

2. Network with Passive Candidates 

Building a pipeline is a long-term investment, so it’s important to connect with prospective candidates, even if they aren’t currently interested in making a career move. Network to meet passive candidates, so you already have a preexisting relationship if/when they are open to new opportunities. Connect with them on LinkedIn, chat with them in industry web forums, and exchange contact information at networking events. 

3. Make Your Outreach Engaging

The manner in which you reach out to prospective candidates will greatly influence how willing they are to listen to what you have to say and truly consider you as an employer. Personalize your interactions – for instance, when you first reach out, let them know what specifically made you interested in them as a candidate. After the initial introduction, keep in contact regularly to maintain the connection, but in a way focused on their needs, not your own. Ask about their career goals and interests, congratulate them on achievements, etc. 

4. Develop Talent from Within

Your talent pipeline shouldn’t consist just of external prospects – be intentional about your current employees’ future growth within the company to make filling positions more effective. Develop talent from within by identifying current employees for potential, as well as their own desires, to advance into higher-level positions. Be proactive at providing opportunities for them to gain experience for future hiring needs. 

5. Implement a Robust Referral Program

Your current employees can be among the best sources for finding quality prospective candidates. They have a thorough understanding of the work and culture, and therefore, what it takes for someone to succeed there. Plus, candidates are more likely to take the feedback of a current employee seriously. Encourage your current employees to be advocates for your company and assist in building a talent pipeline by implementing a robust referral program, such as offering incentives for employees who refer a successful hire. 

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