How Often Should I Provide Safety Training to My Office Employees?

Although an office environment isn’t as inherently hazardous as other workplaces, there are still potential dangers. Building ongoing awareness of workplace safety measures is essential for protecting your team. Learn more about how often you should provide safety training to office employees:


When you hire new employees, safety training should be a major focus of their initial onboarding process. This first safety training session obviously provides the necessary information they will need to perform their jobs in a safe manner. However, it goes beyond being just practical. By making dedicated time at the beginning of their employment to provide in-depth safety training, you help to build the reputation of your company’s culture as truly caring about employee safety and abiding by protocol, making them more likely to take it seriously. 


As employees get into their day-to-day work routines, it can be easy for the details of their initial safety training to be forgotten about so it’s essential to provide refreshers with annual safety training. This yearly training can help remind them of specific protocols that may not have necessarily have come up during their workdays, but that is still important for them to know about. Also, since regulations and recommendations may change over time, providing safety training on a yearly basis ensures you are educating your team with the most updated information. 


In the unfortunate event that an accident occurs in your workplace, you should take it as a prompt for further safety discussion with your employees. Post-incident safety training should consist of reviewing what factors contributed to the accident and what specific changes need to be implemented to prevent it from occurring again. This is also a time to address any concerns employees may have, as emotions may run high after an incident, and reassure them to always feel comfortable reporting any hazards or those not following protocol. 

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