Struggling to Find Warehouse Workers? Here’s What You Can Do

Warehouse workers are the backbone of any business dealing with physical products to keep supply chains running smoothly and orders fulfilled and on time. However, this position can be tough to fill as the work environment itself can be stressful due to its fast pace and physical demand. If you are struggling to find warehouse workers, here is what you can do to attract applicants:


First and foremost, verify that you are offering market salary for your warehouse positions in order to even gain consideration from the majority of potential candidates. However, to be competitive against other warehouses, ensure you focus on additional forms of compensation and perks to attract top talent. Examples include healthcare benefits, paid time off, performance-based monetary incentives, product discounts, free snacks, and drinks, etc. 

Advancement Opportunities

On your company website and job listings, make it a priority to highlight how working in your warehouse can benefit employees professionally. Communicate any training or development programs you offer that will provide them with in-demand skills and the various career options available within the industry. It’s crucial to push the message that working in a warehouse is not a dead-end job but one that can provide advancement opportunities down the road. 


To make your warehouse positions more appealing to candidates, consider ways you can provide flexibility with their schedules within reason. Examples include adjusting shifts to better allow for work-life balance (such as letting a worker come in an hour earlier so they can leave earlier in time for daycare pickup) or consolidated shifts with longer hours but an additional day off. 

Form Strategic Partnerships 

You don’t have to try to source candidates for your warehouse all on your own. Form strategic partnerships to connect you with likely prospects who will encourage them to apply. For example, you could team up with local schools or colleges to create internship programs to help their students gain work experience and get their foot in the door with your warehouse or work with a staffing agency to find temporary, temp-to-hire, or direct placement for your positions. 

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