Looking Back: Hiring Lessons We’ve Learned from COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic abruptly shifted every aspect of life, and among its most notable impacts was workplace operations. As challenging as it was to adapt and still get work done in a safe manner, it was also a unique opportunity to step back and see what companies and employees are capable of and what changes need to be put into place going forward. Come back even better than before by reflecting on these hiring lessons we’ve learned from COVID-19:

Offering Flexibility is Essential for Attracting Talent 

With so many workers juggling multiple personal priorities at home while still producing results during the pandemic, there is now the demand for employers to be flexible in their expectations of how and when work is done. If you want to be competitive and land top talent post-COVID-19, you must be willing to offer flexibility in terms of scheduling and remote work. 

Employers Must Be Proactive in Preventing Burnout

The COVID-19 pandemic pushed many workers to the brink of burnout, especially those whose employers did not prioritize work-life balance. This led many top performers to leave the workforce temporarily or prepare to start job searching as soon as possible. If you want to recruit and retain in-demand candidates, it’s crucial to highlight the work-life balance you offer and what preventative measures you take to prevent employee burnout, such as paid time off, employee health and wellness resources, etc. 

Transparent Communication is Crucial

One of the major professional outcomes of the COVID-19 pandemic was demonstrating employers’ communication skills since there was so much time-sensitive and often complicated and ever-changing information that had to be conveyed. However, this should ideally have helped organizations identify their communication process challenges so they could be more intentional and clear in their strategy, messaging, and plans. This same transparent communication should be applied to the hiring process – develop a communication plan for candidates to provide expected timelines, key information, and updates in real-time. 

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