4 Tips on Finding Better Finance Candidates for Your Talent Pool

When you’re hiring for your finance positions, you want to choose from the best and feel confident in your decision, rather than settling for “good enough.” If you are not satisfied with the quality of the candidates you are attracting for your openings, it may be time to switch your recruitment strategy. Find better finance candidates for your talent pool with these tips:

1. Narrow Your Focus 

Rather than casting a wider net in the hopes of getting the attention of better prospects, narrow your focus so you can target your efforts more strategically to a smaller, but higher quality audience. Clarify precisely what you are looking for in an ideal finance candidate. Don’t just consider their finance skills and experience – define exactly which soft skills and personality traits are needed for success in the role itself, as well as an overall fit for the work environment and company culture. 

2. Diversify Your Sources 

Top finance talent may not be actively job searching, and if so, they may not be pursuing general online job postings. Improve your talent pool by diversifying your sources. Some possibilities include: reach out to passive candidates on LinkedIn, partner with local schools and universities to establish internship programs to cultivate young talent, establish a referral program to get leads from your current employees, or work with a staffing firm. 

3. Fine Tune Your Outreach

Job descriptions are a crucial component of your talent acquisition strategy’s success. If you are not attracting the caliber of candidates you desire, fine tune your outreach by retooling your job description to be more informative and appealing to your target audience. Candidates should be able to quickly review the description and get an accurate sense of what the day-to-day responsibilities would be, what skills and traits are must-haves to successfully fit the job and align with the culture, and why it is a great professional opportunity for them. 

4. Upgrade Your Brand

When a prospective candidate hears about an opportunity at your organization, the first thing they are likely to do is research it online. Upgrade your brand, or your reputation as employer, by ensuring their research yields relevant information that highlights what sets it apart from your competitors. Utilize your company’s website, social media, job descriptions, and any other relevant platforms to communicate your company’s mission, core values, company culture, work environment, benefits, perks, and any other points that will strengthen your perception in the job marketplace.

Land Top Talent

Build a team of qualified finance professionals with PrideStaff San Jose. As an experienced staffing and recruiting firm, our mission is to help employers achieve their staffing goals through strategic recruitment. Contact us today to learn more about our client services.

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