5 High-Paying Remote Industries That Are Hot Right Now

Remote work opportunities are more prevalent than ever. After the COVID-19 pandemic forced businesses to abruptly transition to working from home for safety purposes, many workers and employers alike have developed a preference for it. Check out these five high-paying remote industries that are hot right now:

1. Technology 

Technology is a prime industry for remote job opportunities, especially because of other industries opting to transition away from working in a physical office location. According to findings from July 2021, remote jobs in technology increased to 17.4%, up from 2.8% in March 2020. Cybersecurity is an in-demand specialty, as organizations are concerned about keeping their data secure, even while employees are accessing it from various locations. Since remote work also utilizes cloud servers, positions related to cloud computing, from strategy to design to security, are also in-demand work-from-home positions. 

2. Marketing 

The marketing industry as a whole has been shifting to more digital methods, and this shift is also opening up more opportunities for remote jobs. In March 2020, just 1.7% of marketing jobs were remote, compared to 18.33% in July 2021. From market research and analysis to social media management, there are a variety of positions within the field that are well-compensated and can be done from home.  

3. Project Management 

As more companies adopt a remote workforce, it is increasingly necessary for someone to be responsible for helping keep initiatives, especially those requiring collaboration between multiple departments, on track and running smoothly within set deadlines. Project management is a hot industry for remote work and has increased to 14.84% of jobs being work-from-home, compared to 1.65% pre-pandemic. 

4. Accounting and Finance

Remote work is on the rise for the accounting and finance industry, from 1.21% of jobs being work-from-home to 10.30% in July 2021, as more of the necessary data and programs are accessible through cloud-hosted servers. From being an entry-level bookkeeper to a financial analyst, there are many options for finding plentiful, high-paying remote positions in accounting and finance. 

5.  Sales and Business Development

The sales and business development sector can be lucrative and also has an abundance of remote work opportunities. Even before the pandemic, there was growth in digital forms of outreach to customers since it allowed companies to promote their products or services without being limited by geographical reach. In March 2020, 8.18% of jobs in the industry were remote, and by July 2021, it had grown to 25.47%.

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