How to Track Your Professional Growth in 2022

If you’re ready to advance your career this year, having an intentional strategy in place can turn your goals into reality. Keeping yourself accountable and actually making progress on your goals requires a method for measuring and managing your action steps. Track your professional growth in 2022 with these tips:

Define Your Specific Goals

Clarity is key for professional growth. Otherwise, you risk putting in effort and not having results to show for it. Define the specific goals you want to achieve to move you forward in your career. Be as detailed and actionable as possible: for example, “I want to earn certification in XYZ” rather than “I want to become more proficient in XYZ.” If your goals are too vague, you won’t know how to get started or be able to effectively track them. 

Develop Smaller Sub-Tasks

There’ssnothing wrong with thinking big and coming up with ambitious goals; however, if you want to make consistent and measurable growth, break them down. Develop smaller sub-tasks (the smaller, the better) to make your goals easier to stick to and ensure you are advancing toward your objectives, even if you start to lack time or motivation. 

Create a Schedule

When you’re juggling a heavy workload, often the first task removed from your To-Do list is working toward your long-term goals. To prevent the urgency of the day-to-day from distracting you from your professional growth, create a schedule for pursuing these endeavors. Whether it’s’s once a day for 15 minutes or bigger blocks of time a few times a week, get it onto your calendar as a way to keep yourself on track. 

Set Deadlines

Unless you define some type of parameters, you won’t have a clear idea regarding if you’re on track or not for your goals. Set deadlines for your goals to hold yourself accountable – for example, if you want to earn a particular certification, set a deadline to research providers and enroll in a course by a specific date. 

Monitor Your Outcomes

Set aside time to review the progress of your goals on a consistent basis. Monitor your outcomes by going over the successes and challenges you’ve encountered as you’ve pursued your goals. This gives you a chance to regroup and switch up your strategy to problem solve and improve if needed. 

Explore New Opportunities

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