Remote, In-Office or Hybrid: Which is Best for My Company?

Many organizations abruptly shifted to remote work as a short-term health and safety response to the COVID-19. As you look at your company’s future planning, you may be wondering whether you should opt for continuing with remote work, going back to in-office only, or perhaps something in between. Learn more about the factors to consider to determine the best workplace model for your business and employees.

Overhead Costs

There are a variety of expenses related to in-office work, like paying for office space, monthly utilities, office supplies, and more. If saving on overhead costs is a priority, shifting to remote work only can have significant savings, while even opting for hybrid could reduce costs by not needing as large of a space or as many computers if the whole staff isn’t always going to be there at the same time. 

Talent Acquisition

When you are looking to fill your open positions, if you don’t have any issues with your candidate pool, the in-office workplace model is likely to fit your needs. However, for talent acquisition issues, offering remote work not tied to geographical location can significantly expand your applicants, particularly for specialized skill sets. 

Collaboration Needs

The nature of your day-to-day work and how often collaboration is necessary can determine how much, if any, in-person interaction is necessary. If duties require a significant amount of teamwork, an in-person working model may be best, while generally independent work can be remote or hybrid.

Customer/Client Service

If you are in a service-oriented business, the working model you select must fit your customer/client service needs. For example, if you don’t meet with customers face-to-face, a remote working model may be effective since employers can meet service needs electronically. Alternatively, a hybrid working model may be a solution if client in-person meetings are only occasional.

Employee Feedback 

Before you make any decisions on changes to your working model, it’s important to hear your employees’ perspectives and insights. Ask for employee feedback to determine their preferences regarding if in-person, remote, or hybrid would be most beneficial for their productivity, job satisfaction, and morale.

Find Top Talent Today!

No matter which workplace model you choose, attracting qualified candidates is crucial for success. Work with PrideStaff San Jose to find the best prospects for your business needs. Contact us today to learn more about our staffing solutions.

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