Feeling Burnt Out at Work? Here’s What You Should Do

The occasional bout of work-related stress is normal, but if you feel constantly overwhelmed, irritable, or disengaged at work, it’s likely you are approaching burnout. When left untreated, burnout can cause physical and mental health complications and negatively impact your career. If you’re feeling burnt out at work, here’s what you should do:

Focus on What You Can Control 

While many of the factors contributing to your burnout may be outside of your control, there are things within your power that you could change to positively impact your well-being. Focus on self-care, such as ensuring you are getting adequate sleep, eating nutritionally balanced meals, getting physical activity, and taking time throughout your day to do relaxing activities that make you feel rested and recharged. Taking care of your physical, emotional, and mental health can put you in a better position to handle whatever happens to you at work.

Get Some Distance 

Burnout often occurs because of simply being overworked and not taking time to rest and recharge. Get some distance from work by taking your paid time off and fully unplugging from work. This break can give you the chance to come back and feel more refreshed and less burned out.

Reach Out for Support

If the measures you’ve tried on your own to alleviate your burnout are not working, it’s time to get your boss in the loop. Reach out for support – schedule a time to meet one-on-one with your boss and discuss the challenges you are currently facing. Be as specific as possible regarding the causes of your burnout at work, so your boss can offer the most effective solutions.

Do Some Reflection

Prolonged burnout is simply not sustainable either for your overall well-being or for growing in your career. If you continue to experience burnout and nothing seems to be working, it’s time to do some reflection on what professional changes you need to make, such as finding a new employer or perhaps even changing careers entirely.

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