Motivating Employees: The Secret to Great Management

The key to successful leadership is sparking your team’s internal drive and making them desire to perform to their best. Maximize your management skills by checking out these tips for effectively motivating employees:

Make Yourself Accessible 

Employees tend to be more motivated when they feel they can easily come to their manager and have their voices heard, whether it’s to discuss a roadblock that is preventing them from performing their jobs or sharing a new idea they have. Even if you have good intentions and want to establish open communication with your team, it won’t do any good if they either don’t know how or when to connect with you. 

Make yourself accessible by establishing an open-door policy with parameters in place for your own productivity needs, such as specific timing (i.e., don’t disturb when your door is closed or when you have an online “busy” notification set); or preemptive steps to take first (i.e., try to find a solution or do research on their own before coming to you). 

Provide Beneficial Professional Opportunities 

When employees don’t feel as if they are being challenged or growing professionally, their motivation may begin to wane. Improve their engagement by providing beneficial professional opportunities that allow them to gain relevant skills or experience that will not only increase their job satisfaction but also boost their resume for the future, such as letting them take on a project that pushes them out of their comfort zone without feeling like they are at risk if they struggle a bit. 

Set Clear Expectations 

When employees are unsure of what is expected of them, it can make them lose confidence in their performance and abilities, followed by losing motivation. Set clear expectations for tasks and projects, such as deadlines, necessary progress updates, and desired results, to ensure your team knows how they are measuring up and make them continue to want to excel. 

Meet One-on-One Regularly

Motivation is a deeply personal matter, driven by an individual’s core values and preferences. Therefore, there is no one motivation tactic that will work equally well for all employees. To determine what will work best to motivate each of your employees, you need to get to know them better. Meet one-on-one regularly to learn about their recent successes, challenges, goals, etc. so you can tweak your strategy accordingly. For example, one employee may be motivated by monetary incentives based on performance while another is driven by knowing how their work helped others. 

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