What Every Employee Needs to Know About Workplace Safety

National Safety Month is recognized every June to bring awareness to measures people can use to keep themselves free from harm in the workplace. According to a 2021 report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there were approximately 2.7 million nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses reported by private employers. Even if you don’t work in an inherently hazardous workplace, there are still potential injury risks you can protect yourself against. Check out what every employee needs to know about workplace safety:

Take Training Seriously

Ensure you are conscientious about completing any mandatory safety training from your employer. Take this training seriously and pay attention to the information, rather than treating it as an annual administrative task to check off the list. 

Follow All Protocol

Many workplace injuries occur because employees disregard set safety procedures to either save time or effort. Keep yourself as safe and injury-free in the workplace as possible by following all safety protocols – even if it seems like an unnecessary burden for an otherwise quick and simple task, abiding by safety guidelines will be worth it by lowering your accident risk. 

Report Safety Concerns

If you notice any potential hazards in your workplace or protocol not being followed, don’t be afraid to speak up. Report any safety concerns to your manager or other relevant point of contact so the issue can be addressed and help your whole workplace stay safer.

Organize Your Workspace Surroundings

A common yet easily preventable cause of workplace accidents is loose or misplaced items and debris. A messy workspace can be a hindrance by blocking emergency exits, contributing to slip and fall incidents, or causing head injuries if unsecured overhead items fall down. Organize your workspace surroundings and remove any nearby clutter to make your area safer. 

Take Regular Breaks

Overworking yourself in an attempt to be as productive as possible can backfire by making you more susceptible to workplace accidents. Take regular breaks throughout the day to prevent mental fatigue so you can remain alert and focused. 

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