Social Media Recruiting Tactics That Can Help You Outperform Your Competition

The competition is fierce for talent acquisition, so your standard recruitment strategy may no longer be enough. Adding social media to your recruiting outreach can significantly expand your reach to prospective candidates. Learn more about the social media recruiting tactics that can help you outperform your competition: 

Build an Online Presence

When prospective candidates are deciding whether to pursue an employer, they generally perform online research to learn as much as they can about the company. Utilize social media to build a strong online presence to strengthen your employer’s brand. A simple way to get started is through your company’s official LinkedIn page. It can include information about your mission, core values, company culture, and any other compelling, relevant content for candidates that will make them want to follow your page and pursue working for you. 

Participate in Groups

An organic way to network and build relationships with prospective candidates and help them gain awareness of your company is by participating in LinkedIn groups or other social media industry-specific forums. You can join in discussions about professional topics and interact with other users as a way to bring your company attention and meet and stay in touch with contacts. 

Advertise Job Openings

No longer do you only have to post your available jobs on your careers website page and general online job boards. Social media is an ideal platform to reach a wide audience for your recruiting. You can pay to advertise job openings on social media, like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, and get your openings in front of both active and passive job seekers. 

Find Passive Candidates 

When you’re in tight competition for candidates, focusing solely on recruiting active job seekers may not be enough. Utilize social media strategically to find passive candidates who may not be job searching but may be open to changing jobs if the right opportunity was presented to them. LinkedIn can help you find passive candidates since users provide their professional experience, so you can simply search for those with the skill sets you need and let them know about your openings. 

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