Engaging Onboarding Ideas for New Hires

The quality of the onboarding process for new hires is a crucial factor in how likely they are to be successful long-term employees. It needs to be informative, while also making them feel valued as part of the team. Learn more about how to make the onboarding process more engaging for new hires:

Send a Warm Welcome 

Kick off the onboarding process before the employee’s official start date by sending a warm welcome. Before a new hire’s first day, have your team create a video or take an excited group photo with a message that you are all looking forward to welcoming them. Send it to them via email with any other relevant information they will need for their first day to make them feel confident they are going to have a great experience.

Create a Fun, Useful Handbook

The official company employee handbook is certainly informative but can be overwhelming and dry. Create a fun but useful handbook for a reference that new hires can turn to for more immediate questions. Include key information for their day-to-day written in a casual, personal tone with images included for resource material that is helpful and engaging.

Prepare for Their Arrival 

It can be disappointing when a new hire who is equally nervous and excited for their first day at a new job shows up, and no one seems to notice or care. Prepare for their arrival by having their workspace set up with equipment and supplies, all software logins set up, and a welcome note with company swag. Send out an email to let everyone know they are starting the next day and ask them to introduce themselves, so employees are in the loop.

Establish a Buddy System 

Even after a new hire goes through any required training, they will likely have questions that pop up regularly as they become acclimated. Establish a buddy system as part of your onboarding process, in which a current employee is paired with the new hire to be their go-to person to ask any questions. This will help your new hire feel more comfortable by removing the doubt of who is appropriate to ask and show that you care about their experience.

Incorporate Gaming into Training 

Consider ways you can take the information your new hire must learn and present it in a more engaging manner, rather than just relying on slides or modules. Incorporate gaming into training when possible, such as creating a trivia quiz for company information or scavenger hunt to help them learn about the physical workspace, to make it more enjoyable, and help the information sink in.

Set Up Icebreaker Activities 

Onboarding isn’t just new hires learning about how to perform their jobs and follow company processes – it should also be a way to strategically introduce them to company culture and their colleagues. Set up icebreaker activities so everyone can get to know one another, such as fun conversation starter questions or group games.

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