The Ultimate Guide to Team Building

A staff of employees does not necessarily equate to a team. Without thoughtful cultivation, they are likely to remain a group of individuals only focused on their own responsibilities and contributions, rather than a collaborative unit. When your employees feel like they are part of a team, they are more engaged, productive, and satisfied. Learn more with this ultimate guide to team building:

Prioritize a Positive Culture

Efforts at team building will not be effective unless the overall work environment is supportive. Before you focus on building your team, prioritize a positive culture. Acknowledge effort and give credit for a job well-done, ask for your employees’ opinions, and lead by example by modeling collaborative behavior.


Vary the Level of Structure in Activities

People connect on different levels according to the type of activities in which they are participating, so mix up your team building initiatives to include both structured and unstructured. Some examples of structured team building activities include icebreaker questions, trivia, or other group games. Unstructured team building options include group lunches or other outings like attending sports games, bowling, etc. 


Leave Room for Organic Connection 

Team building is not just a one-time activity to check off the list – to achieve true results, it must be ongoing. Encourage your employees to interact and organically connect on an everyday basis about topics not related to work. Another option is to proactively facilitate informal chatting in your group meetings, rather than going straight to business.


Give Employees a Voice 

Your employees have individual personalities and preferences that determine the way they naturally connect with others. To make your team building successful as possible, give your employees a voice in the process. Ask for their individual feedback on what types of team building activities they enjoy most to ensure you are not unintentionally making it a task they dread, rather than find fulfilling.


Celebrate Successes

Solidify the notion that you and your employees are a team by making it a priority to recognize the achievements as of the group. Celebrate successes regularly, whether it’s the culmination of a major project or receiving complimentary feedback from clients or colleagues. This shows that you are all in it together.


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