Having Trouble Finding Qualified Candidates? Try These 5 Strategies

The longer key positions go unfilled, the more challenging it can be for morale and productivity levels. There are a variety of factors that impact talent acquisition, from steep competition from other employers to simply a lack of skilled workers. Fortunately, there are proactive measures you can take to improve your reach and attract applicants. If you are having trouble finding qualified candidates, try these strategies:

1. Rethink Your Requirements 

Take an objective look at your job postings and look for opportunities to change the wording to make the position more appealing to a wider pool of candidates. Many candidates will only apply for positions in which they feel they have 100% of the qualifications, so rethink your requirements and only highlight the truly necessary ones, rather than having an extensive list. 


2. Research Market Conditions

The labor market can change quickly, so ensure your company is offering adequate compensation, benefits, and other perks that top talent desires. Research market conditions, either through a free online search or paid tools, for your geographic area, industry, job title, years of experience, and any other relevant factors to help you make changes to your compensation packages. For example, you may find the pay you offered even just in recent years no longer aligns with current standards or that candidates are looking for different working conditions, like remote work options or flexible scheduling. 


3. Pursue Passive Candidates

The standard hiring process often relies on active job seekers who are currently pursuing new opportunities. This can put you in a reactive state, in which you have to hope for optimal timing of qualified candidates deciding to job hunt. If you are struggling to find candidates, expand your reach and pursue passive candidates who may not be currently job searching but are open to the right opportunity if it arises. You can find passive candidates through reaching out to your own professional network of contacts for recommendations, posting in online industry forums, or via social media. 


4. Develop Your Current Team

When you are not successfully tracking down candidates who have the qualifications you require, a possible option is to invest in the employees you currently have. Develop your current team by upskilling them and providing training for the necessary skills your company needs. An added benefit of upskilling existing employees is they are more likely to remain committed to your organization, which reduces the risk of turnover. 


5. Get Recruitment Support

If you continue to struggle with finding candidates on your own, consider reaching out to a staffing agency to get recruitment support. A staffing agency has a pipeline of talent and is dedicated to cultivating new prospects, and can help connect you with qualified candidates in a timely manner. 

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