How Can Managers Succeed With the New Realities of Hybrid Work

A hybrid workplace model allows for the flexibility for employees to work remotely, while also facilitating the necessities of in-person work. It can be challenging as a manager to navigate a hybrid team, but adapting to it effectively will give your organization a competitive edge by engaging employees and boosting productivity. Learn more about how managers can succeed with the new realities of hybrid work:


Establish Expectations and Step Back

For hybrid work to be successful, it requires managers to hold employees accountable and trust that they will perform to high quality standards and meet deadlines without direct oversight. Establish clear expectations upfront for hybrid work in terms of both logistics (i.e., how many days per week in-person vs. remote, whether it requires being planned and approved ahead of time, etc.) and performance (i.e., responsiveness, providing status updates, etc.). Then, step back and let your employees have autonomy as long as they meet these expectations to keep them engaged and maintain a positive relationship. 


Develop Protocol for Collaboration

A common challenge with hybrid work is when teamwork is required, since you may have some group members in the office while others are remote or even working different schedules or time zones. To ensure projects run smoothly, it is essential to develop protocols for collaboration. The details may differ depending on your line of work and specific workplace needs, but factors to consider may include: one set communication method (like a Slack channel), periodic status update meetings, and project management software to organize, assign, and track tasks for group projects. 


Facilitate a Positive Culture

Workplace culture is a fundamental aspect for all managers to focus on in order to have high morale, engagement, productivity, and job satisfaction on their teams. However, it is especially crucial to facilitate a positive culture when you have a hybrid working model and you and your employees don’t consistently spend a significant amount of dedicated time together in person. Always be looking for ways to build connection with your employees, such as taking time at the beginning of meetings to have small talk unrelated to work, setting up a group chat for people to participate in throughout their workdays, and acknowledging and thanking employees for their contributions and successes as often as possible. 


Land Top Talent

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