How to Hire For The Future of Work

Adapting effectively to the ever-changing trends and landscape of work requires thinking ahead and taking action to be prepared. The foundation of your overall success rests in the employees you hire, so it’s crucial when making hiring decisions, you balance both your immediate organizational needs as well as the longer term. Learn more about how to hire for the future of work:


Embrace Workplace Flexibility

The ability to choose how and where to work has increasingly become a more in-demand factor for employees – especially as an aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic when many were forced to work remotely and found it not only doable, but more conducive to their professional and personal needs. As you approach hiring for the future, it is crucial to embrace workplace flexibility as much as possible in order to attract and retain top talent. That could mean fully remote or hybrid work if it is realistic for your workplace needs, but if that isn’t plausible, offering flexibility in the way of scheduling or four-day weeks are possibilities to consider. 


Upskill for Industry Changes

With how quickly technology advances, it is not always going to be feasible to hire workers with the qualifications your company needs – simply because the software or processes may not have existed long enough for anyone to yet become experienced. Therefore, it is crucial to prioritize having a system in place for ongoing upskilling of your current employees to keep pace with industry changes. When you are hiring workers, think of the future by evaluating them on their ability and willingness to learn new things and adapt to change. 


Prepare for a Competitive Labor Market

If you are experiencing difficulties in filling your current openings, it is highly likely to continue or become even more challenging over time. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects a decline in labor force participation through 2030, so it is essential to prepare for a competitive labor market now and going forward. Conduct a thorough audit of your current salary, benefits, and other perks that you offer and determine where you can make increases to be more attractive to potential employees. Also, reassess your current recruitment strategy by partnering with a staffing firm to access a wider pool of candidates to get as many high-quality leads as possible. 


Land Top Talent

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