Workplace Diversity: Actionable Steps Companies Can Take For Recruiting, Promotion, and Accountability

Workplace diversity is an increasingly common core value that companies are committing to as part of their missions. However, it can be challenging to determine how to make a positive change to such a deep systemic issue and which first steps to take to get started. Improve diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace with these actionable steps:

Identify Improvement Areas

Perform an objective assessment of the current state of your workplace in terms of diversity and identify specific areas that need improvement. Take a holistic look at not just demographic representation but also proportional rates for particular groups in leadership versus lower-level positions, turnover rates, and your talent acquisition.

Once you have a clear sense of your areas for growth, you can prioritize your efforts accordingly to address them. For example, having a diverse employee representation in entry-level positions, while executive positions are mainly one demographic, could indicate a need to investigate how promotions are handled or if the work environment is causing some employees to leave the company.


Reduce Hiring Bias

Raise awareness of unconscious bias in hiring so you can take action to prevent it. Bias, in which perceptions or “gut feelings” are used to form opinions about candidates, are intrinsically detrimental to workplace diversity. It can lead to making subjective decisions that result in repeatedly hiring the same types of people.


Reduce hiring bias by standardizing the evaluation process and making objective data the foundation for assessing candidates. Develop a list of qualifications, including technical expertise and soft skills, that are vital to success in the role. Use only these criteria when evaluating prospective candidates to ensure you are making decisions based solely on facts and not instinct.


Establish a Culture of Inclusivity

No matter how well-intentioned your workplace diversity initiatives may be, they will not create the results you want unless your company culture aligns with them. Otherwise, even if you attract a wide range of employees, they will not feel comfortable staying with your company.

Establish a culture of inclusivity – communicate to all employees that your organization is committed to fostering a feeling of psychological safety and there is zero tolerance for discriminatory actions. Update your policies to ensure inclusive language is used and that perks are readily available and accessible to employees of all cultures and abilities. Give your employees opportunities to have their voices heard and provide a way for them to easily (and anonymously if they prefer) to give feedback on inclusivity.


Find Top Talent

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