What Do Employees Want Most From Their Work in 2022

As the labor market has increasingly gotten tighter, employers should be assessing their current talent acquisition and retention strategies. In order to remain competitive in the marketplace, it is crucial to ensure your workplace offerings align with what is most in demand by workers so you can attract and keep top talent. Here is what employees want most from their work in 2022:


Work-Life Balance

Having a job that better supports personal well-being is at the top of employees’ most valued factors for overall satisfaction. According to a 2022 Gallup survey, 61% of employees responded better work-life balance is a top factor they are looking for in a job. Employees value flexibility from their employers, whether that’s remote work, setting their own schedule, or having additional paid time off. Having more work-life balance helps with better overall well-being since it prevents stress and burnout by allowing them to have boundaries and opportunities to recharge. 


A Positive Workplace Culture

Employees spend such a significant amount of their time at their workplace, so understandably they want that to be a good experience. A positive workplace culture, in which everyone is treated as a respected team member whose contributions are recognized and appreciated, is something employees are looking for in their jobs. Focus on cultivating an inclusive, supportive environment dedicated to ensuring employees feel psychologically safe, valued for their effort, and cared about on a personal level. 


Opportunities for Skills Development

Employees want to be able to do their best work and be in an environment that facilitates their ability to build on their strengths and upskill themselves for professional growth and continued marketability. Opportunities for skills development is a top factor in employees’ long-term job satisfaction as they desire to remain challenged and continually make progress toward their bigger-picture career goals. This may include encouraging and funding regular training, allowing employees to try new things to gain experience in different areas, or establishing a mentorship program.


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