How To Hire A Candidate You’ve Never Met

As the modern workplace evolves, your hiring process will likely need to be adapted. There may be instances in which the standard face-to-face interview won’t work for your needs, such as for remote positions or urgent short-term coverage. However, you don’t have to go into the process and make decisions based on guesswork – learn more about how to hire a candidate you’ve never met:

Focus on Previous Performance

Regardless of whether you meet in person with a candidate, among the most useful information, you can gather to make your hiring decisions is evidence of how they have worked in the past. Focus on a candidate’s previous work performance when hiring without meeting. This could include work samples, metrics, or accolades earned – any objective data that demonstrates their aptitude to handle the role will ensure the likelihood of a successful fit. 


Evaluate Their Skills

To increase your confidence in your hiring decisions for candidates who you have not met, put them to the test and witness for yourself how well they could perform the tasks necessary for the position. Evaluate their skills, such as having them take a skills assessment quiz or complete a short assignment, to determine if their abilities align with the experience on their resume.


Consider Alternative Interview Formats

Even if meeting face-to-face isn’t plausible, there may be other opportunities for you to quickly get a sense of candidates before hiring them. In addition to phone screenings or videoconferencing, you may want to consider alternative interview formats, such as having candidates record themselves responding to questions sent to them and having the videos accessible for you to view at a later time or having them provide written responses. 


Reach Out to References

Bad hires, even with typical interview meetings, often result from a significant disconnect between the impression candidates gave and their actual working style. Reach out to references so you can get an accurate understanding of how candidates have performed in the past so you can avoid mistakenly hiring someone with an impressive resume who may not actually be a top performer or get along well with others. 


Land Top Talent

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