How Will Recruiting Look in 2023?

As you set your goals for recruitment in 2023, it is essential to adapt your strategy to keep pace with the ever-changing demands of the labor market. Prospective candidates have different expectations with their job searches, and the former best practices for recruitment may no longer be effective. Learn more about how recruiting will look in 2023:


Proactive Outreach 

With the labor market being more competitive than ever, it is no longer plausible to only contact prospective candidates for specific openings. Instead, recruiting in 2023 will increasingly be based upon more proactive outreach. It will focus on building relationships with both passive and active job seekers to create a pipeline of talent to tap into to make your recruiting efforts more efficient when you have specific openings.  


Candidate Transparency 

Since top talent is so in-demand, they are in a position to be more selective about which opportunities to pursue. As much as possible, recruiting offers must have transparency, particularly salary and compensation. Many candidates will not even respond to inquiries for positions that do not include a salary range as they don’t want to invest time into the hiring process, only to find out there is a significant misalignment between their salary expectations and what the employer offers. 


Employer Branding

Compensation is a crucial factor for candidates making decisions on what opportunities to pursue. However, another key component driving candidates toward employers is the values they stand for. Employer branding will be even more relevant in 2023, specifically highlighting the company’s missions and how they treat their employees. Workers want to ensure their potential employers have a culture that aligns with their own. This includes work-life balance, flexibility, opportunities for advancement,  and recognition. At a broader level, a sincere and actionable commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts are an essential aspect of what professionals care deeply about when considering companies, so recruiters must be prepared with pitches to communicate these positive factors effectively. 


Land Top Talent in 2023

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