10 Tips To Show Your Employees Appreciation

If you want a more engaged staff with higher morale and productivity levels, you must prioritize showing your employees appreciation. When your team feels truly valued for their effort and contributions, they are more likely to have the drive to work hard and succeed. Check out these 10 tips to show your employees appreciation:


1. Get to Know Them

You can’t effectively recognize your team members if you don’t have a personal relationship. Make an effort to get to know your employees regularly – small daily chats can help you learn about your employees’ personalities, preferences, life events, etc, and show that you care about them as individuals. 


2. Give Praise in Real Time

Get into the habit of immediately recognizing and complimenting your employees when you have praise to offer. If you wait, you could forget, or it could lack detail and come across as hollow to them. 


3. Offer Tailored Growth Opportunities

Express your gratitude to your employees by helping them achieve their own professional goals. Inquire about what skills they hope to grow or areas they would like to gain experience in, and then go out of your way to offer growth opportunities tailored to them.


4. Provide Autonomy and Flexibility

When you step back and allow your team the freedom to work with little immediate oversight, such as letting them set their own schedules or work remotely, it can make them feel appreciated. It demonstrates that you trust them and want to make their workday as satisfactory as possible.


5. Celebrate Occasions 

Look for any opportunity to highlight accomplishments, notable anniversaries, or special personal milestones. Celebrate those types of occasions as often as possible – not only does it make your employees feel appreciated, it adds joy to the average workday.


6. Write Personalized Notes

Simple but heartfelt is the best approach for employee appreciation. Taking the time to jot down a quick but specific message with words of praise requires just a few minutes but will have a long-term payoff.


7. Acknowledge Employees Publicly 

Sharing your team’s hard work and achievements to a wider and/or influential audience is an effective way to make them feel special. It demonstrates you have pride in your employees and can help boost their professional reputations.


8. Host Fun Team Social Events

Cultivating and maintaining a positive workplace culture is a gesture that shows you want your employees to enjoy a positive atmosphere where everyone is a valued part of the team. Hosting events, such as treating everyone to a meal or activity outside of the office, rewards your employees’ hard work while also continuing to build the team.


9. Give Thoughtful Gifts

A tangible token given to your employees will communicate your appreciation. It’s important to be thoughtful and not give your employees a generic gift of little value, so consider cash bonuses, gift cards, or personalized, useful items.


10. Be Genuine 

Efforts to show appreciation can backfire if they come across as impersonal and like it’s just an item to check off your managerial To Do list. Whether it’s a verbal or written compliment or a gift, be genuine and personalize it to the recipient.


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