How To Ask Your Boss For Feedback That Will Help You

Getting feedback is an integral part of being the best performer you can be. The first step is setting up a time to meet with your boss to request in-depth information on your strengths and areas that need improvement. To make the conversation truly productive and valuable, you must be prepared to discuss the right topics. Learn more about how to ask your boss for feedback that will help you:


Skills Development

Often when bosses are asked to give feedback, they generally offer their insight into how their employees are performing their current responsibilities and benchmarks. However, to get the most out of the conversation, expand and ask them about what other skills they think would be helpful for you to develop in the long term. This information can give you the opportunity to use their feedback to proactively set your own professional bigger-picture goals, rather than only how to perform your current job successfully.


Effective Contribution

When bosses assess employees for compensation increases or promotion opportunities, it often goes beyond simply being a top performer at assigned duties. The most valuable contributors are the ones who are invested in the bigger picture and want to help their department or organization as a whole. During your feedback conversation, ask your boss about what else you could possibly be doing to help the entire team succeed. 


Timeline for Growth

Miscommunication is often at the heart of job dissatisfaction, leading to employees quitting because they are not progressing as quickly as they hoped at an organization. However, unless you self-advocate and make your ambitions clear, your boss may simply think you are content with your role and may not consider you for advancement opportunities. Ask your boss for feedback regarding the timeline for growth for you to get to a different level and what you would need to do to be top of mind for the professional advancement you seek. 


Measuring Progress

Sometimes the feedback your boss may give can be vague and leave you uncertain of knowing if you’ve met their expectations going forward. To feel confident that your boss’s feedback will be as helpful as possible, ask for clarity on how your progress will be measured for areas of improvement. This will save you from the stress of wondering if your boss has noticed your positive changes and ensure you are both on the same page. 


Explore New Opportunities

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