Text Recruiting Can Keep Your Candidates Engaged

Recruiting top talent requires consistent outreach in order to target and build relationships with prospective candidates effectively. Email and phone calls are often the standards for communicating with candidates, but reaching out via text messaging can be greatly beneficial. Learn more about how text recruiting can keep your candidates engaged:


Text Messages Are More Attention-Grabbing

It can be challenging for your email messages to candidates to get noticed – inboxes can pile up with numerous messages, so yours may get overlooked or, even worse, filtered into spam folders and never even seen in the first place. Phone calls and voicemails can also be forgotten about or ignored because of an unrecognized number. Text messages are more attention-grabbing because the notifications are more visible on candidates’ phones, and they can see the relevant information immediately and know exactly what the inquiry is about without having to take extra steps. 


Texting Allows for More Immediate Response

Often candidates have the best intentions for replying to emails or returning phone calls but end up being too busy in the moment to do so, and it falls off their radar. With texting, even if they are in the midst of a hectic day, they can immediately respond as they see the message pop up on their phone since little effort or time is required. 


Automation Saves Time and Streamlines Process

Getting candidates to remain engaged can be difficult if you do not have the time to regularly connect or be responsive. A significant advantage of text recruiting is the ability to utilize the messaging system to reduce the amount of manual outreach you would normally have to do on your own. You can set up parameters for automation to save time and streamline the process, such as follow-up messages or interview reminders, which improves the overall candidate experience. 


Land Top Talent

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