10 Reasons People Aren’t Taking You Seriously As A Leader

The most effective leaders command respect, while still being trusted and relatable to their employees, as well as their colleagues and other leaders. Check out these 10 reasons people aren’t taking you seriously as a leader:


1. You Don’t Follow Through

If you don’t keep your promises and follow through on commitments you make, people will be hesitant to fully take you at your word and believe that you will actually deliver. 


2. You Are Unorganized 

A lack of punctuality to meetings, forgetting to return phone calls or email messages, or otherwise dropping the ball due to a lack of being organized will make people likely question your aptitude as a leader. 


3. You Don’t Project Confidence

If you don’t seem to believe in your own abilities and professional opinions, other people will notice your lack of confidence and start to question your aptitude as a leader. 


4. You Don’t Enforce Deadlines

When you tell your employees to complete a deliverable by a particular deadline but don’t actually ensure they keep to it, it can cause them not to respect you as a leader. 


5. You Only Care About Performance, Not People

On the other end of the spectrum, if you are solely focused on metrics and productivity measures at all costs, it can also make people not take you seriously as a leader. It is also crucial for effective leaders to care about their employees as people, such as by being concerned about their work-life balance, morale, and engagement. 


6. You Don’t Give Feedback

Leadership isn’t about authority – the best leaders are those who can guide their employees to reach their full potential. When you fail to give meaningful feedback to your employees, they will not view you as a true coach. 


7. You Are Not Consistent

If you treat certain employees differently than others, such as letting some of them slide on being late or not following rules but not others, it can cause your team to lose faith in your leadership. 


8. You Don’t Communicate

Transparency is a crucial factor in how employees view leadership. A lack of communication can make them suspicious of your motives and wonder what you may be keeping from them and why.


9. You Don’t Advocate For Your Team

The authority you have as a leader also comes with the responsibility of being held accountable for the employees you manage; therefore, if you don’t advocate for your team and allow them to take the blame for any mistakes, it will cause them to lose respect for your authority.


10. You Don’t Inspire

The foundation of leadership is to motivate others and get them passionate and excited to grow and achieve. Not putting in the effort to inspire your team and encourage them to perform will inevitably make them only see you as a manager or boss and not a true leader.


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