10 Tips To Avoid Burnout At Work

Work-related stress is bound to occur occasionally, but if it is chronic, it can lead to a state of physical or emotional exhaustion known as burnout. If you do not take preventative steps, it can lead to health issues and affect your overall job performance and satisfaction. Learn more with these 10 tips to avoid burnout at work:


1. Know the Signs

If burnout becomes full-blown, it can be extremely challenging to come back from without drastic measures –  know the signs of impending burnout, such as feeling more irritable, cynical, or anxious, or experiencing physical symptoms like difficulty sleeping, stomach pains, or headache, so you can tackle it before it’s too late. 


2. Establish Boundaries

Take control of your workload and accessibility however you can and establish boundaries, such as not checking email during off-hours. 


3. Delegate or Turn Down More Requests

Wanting to be a team player is a positive trait, but don’t take on more work than you can handle – delegate or politely turn down more requests so you can focus on the most high-priority tasks with less stress. 


4.  Improve Time Management

Consider ways to increase your efficiency and productivity so you can get more done with less effort – improve your time management by breaking down tasks into smaller steps, scheduling time blocks, and reducing distractions. 


5. Upgrade Your Work Environment 

Your surroundings can influence your well-being, so upgrade your work environment by reducing clutter, organizing your files and supplies, and adding uplifting decor. 


6. Practice Self-Care

Master the basics of proper health to put yourself in a better position to handle whatever work stresses come your way by practicing self-care, such as getting enough sleep, eating balanced meals, making time to be physically active away from your desk, and partaking in enjoyable leisure activities.


7. Reach Out for Support

Having someone to talk to about your workplace stress can be validating – reach out for support, whether it’s trusted colleagues, a professional mentor, friends/family, or a mental health professional. 


8.  Manage Your Stress

It is crucial to have tactics that you find helpful to manage your stress in the moment – try breathing exercises, mindfulness, meditation, counting to yourself, etc. to learn what is effective for you. 


9. Take Regular Breaks

Avoid overworking yourself in an effort to be more productive because it can backfire by making you more physically and mentally fatigued – take regular breaks throughout the day, as well as extended vacation time, so you are fully rested and able to handle whatever comes your way at work. 


10. Let Go of Perfectionism

Be honest with yourself and reflect on how much pressure is coming from internal expectations rather than from your boss or colleagues – let go of perfectionism and be willing to settle for doing a good job instead to lessen your stress. 


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