How You Can Prevent Employee Burnout

Employee burnout is a form of chronic work-related stress that impacts motivation and mental energy to the point in which employees become overwhelmed and emotionally detached from their job and performance. Left unaddressed, employee burnout can result in poor morale, reduced productivity, and turnover. Common indicators of burnout include a change in attitude, such as being more cynical or irritable, a decline in performance, and reduced engagement. Learn more about how you can prevent employee burnout:

Solicit Employee Feedback

It is crucial to measure employee satisfaction and wellbeing on a consistent basis to have benchmarks to determine how critical the burnout risk may be. Solicit employee feedback regularly, such as a quarterly survey or monthly one-on-one check-in meeting, so you are able to gauge satisfaction and be in a position to take action before it’s too late if you notice a decline. 

Set Clear, Realistic Expectations

A common cause of employee burnout is excessive workload. Even the hardest working employees may start to give up if they feel that they will never be able to keep on top of their To Do list. Set clear, realistic expectations with your team to prevent burnout – prioritize tasks and let them know what can wait versus what is an explicit deadline, the results you want, etc.  This can keep them from perfectionist tendencies or incorrectly thinking you want everything done all at once.

Establish an Open Dialogue 

Often burnout occurs because employees never felt comfortable expressing their stress or dissatisfaction and were unable to get support. Establish an open dialogue so employees know they can come to you to discuss what’s causing them to feel anxious or overwhelmed without being judged or having repercussions.

Recognize Accomplishments

When employees are giving it their all and going above and beyond for their employers with no acknowledgement, it can be disheartening. Recognize accomplishments in a timely manner for both larger projects and smaller everyday tasks done well. This can keep your employees feeling appreciated and less prone to burnout because their effort is noticed and validated.

Encourage Work-Life Balance

Top performers can get themselves to the point of burnout due to wanting to prove themselves as hard workers and team players. This can lead them to not taking the time away from work that is necessary for them to recharge. Encourage work-life balance by reminding your employees to take advantage of their paid time off, as well as taking lunch breaks and maintaining boundaries outside of working hours. 


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