How to Find the Best Available Interns for Your Organization

April is National Internship Awareness Month, a time to recognize the benefits that interns can contribute to organizations. Internships are learning opportunities with designated end dates so new workers can start to gain real-world experience. It is also mutually beneficial for organizations, such as having more support for projects or tasks, new perspectives, and networking for future hiring. If you are considering hiring interns, check out these tips on how to find the best available interns for your organization:


Advertise on Your Company Website

Spread the word that your organization has internship opportunities by advertising on your company website. In addition to your career opportunities page, you could also write a blog post or include a blurb on your homepage that you’re now accepting internships. Even if the demographics looking for internships don’t come across it, their family or mentors could see it and let them know.


Share on Social Media

Promote your internship openings on social media to get the attention of prospective candidates. Share on your company’s official social media platforms if applicable, as well as on LinkedIn groups or other industry or internship-specific social media forums.


Ask for Referrals

Your current employees are often the best source for prospective candidates, so ask them for referrals for your intern needs as well. They may have people in their personal network of connections who would be interested or who would be in contact with potential interns and could pass along the opportunity.


Post on Internship Boards

Internship opportunities may get overlooked on general job boards, and that may not be where potential interns are looking. Consider posting on internship boards about your need for interns. This will help your posting stand out and reach the right audience.


Attend Career and Internship Fairs

Get out and network face-to-face with potential interns and build awareness of your company as one with valuable internships. Attend career and internship fairs so you can provide information about your company to those specifically interested in the type of opportunities you offer. Even if it’s not the right time, it can help you meet people and build a pipeline of connections for future needs.


Reach Out to Colleges and Schools

Forming strategic partnerships can help make your internship program more successful. Reach out to colleges and schools in your area and see if they have their own initiatives for helping students gain work experience, such as through a career services office or a course for credit, to serve as a source for interns for your organization. 

Land Top Talent

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