Signs Your Employee is About to Quit

When employees leave an organization, it is costly to replace them, from recruiting and training expenses to lost productivity and increased stress and risk of burnout to your current employees. Although resignations are to be expected and may not be preventable, often, there are signs when employees are approaching dissatisfaction that can be turned around if management effectively intervenes. Learn more about the signs your employee is about to quit:


Taking More Time Off

If you notice an employee taking more time off than usual, it may be indicative of a potential resignation. It may be due to attending job interviews during the workday, trying to use up their PTO before they leave, or simply being burned out and not motivated to go into work. 


Decline in Development

When employees stop showing interest in professional development opportunities, it may be because they have checked out and don’t see a future with your company. This may include not being interested in training, new long-term projects, or taking on additional responsibility. 


Reduced Engagement

When employees who once volunteered to take on new tasks, brainstormed new creative ideas, and interacted with their colleagues at team events do so less frequently or with less enthusiasm, it could be a sign they are no longer invested in the company. 


Change in Morale

When employees are consistently dissatisfied with their jobs, they may have a switch in their attitudes. This change in morale, whether it’s seeming sad, bored, cynical, or irritable, may demonstrate they could be ready to quit.


Lower Quality in Performance

Perhaps the most telling sign that your employee is about to quit is a steep drop in productivity. When top talent has a much lower quality performance than normal, it is highly likely that they have one foot out the door. 


What To Do to Prevent Employees from Quitting

As soon as you recognize signs of possible quitting from your employees, it is crucial to take immediate action if you hope to turn it around. Reach out and ask how they are feeling, what challenges they are facing, and how you could help. Not only does this validate their feelings, but it can give you valuable insight into any actions you can take to solve their issues before it’s too late. 


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