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San Jose has been a driving force in the global economy for decades. Businesses here with Innovative ideas are continuing to change the world. With a rich tradition of entrepreneurship and bright minds and an unparalleled quality of life, there is no better place than San Jose to live, prosper and grow.

We work closely with employers and candidates to ensure that they have access to timely services and quality information and connections within the Silicon Valley.


Linda Donahue, C.E.S., C.P.C., C.S.P.

Stategic Partner/ Owner

100% WBE certified

I found my way into staffing by accident and have now been in the industry for over 40 years. I have gone from straight commission, candidate paid fees and manual processes to being utilized in all aspects of hiring daily and being an essential part of a company’s hiring plan in these ever changing technological times. I have truly watched our industry evolve. After being in the industry for 26 years known as Faye Parsons, and having progressed from Recruiter to Office Manager to Vice-President of two large locally-owned staffing companies, I branched out and opened my own PrideStaff franchise in April 1998 and added PrideStaff Financial in October of 2007. The staffing industry and the economy in general has finally bounced back and I am excited for the future of staffing. In planning for the future of my two franchises, I recently made my daughter an official partner. Together, we are building a successful team that defeats challenges, transforms lives, and fulfills dreams, all while making PrideStaff and PrideStaff Financial true industry trendsetters.

Personal Mission: To make a valued difference in peoples’ lives with our staff, associates, clients, candidates, peers and the community and to provide a vehicle for internal and personal growth.

What I like best about being in the staffing industry: Today I enjoy seeing the success of all the indivduals that have crossed my path over the years. Getting to see where they are now and what they have become is a constant reminder that all of my hard work has made a difference so many people’s lives.

Secret of my success: I never stop learning and I never get bored working in this ever changing industry. I still thrive in and love the rush of making the right match. I have always focused on, “just how many people and companies can I help today?”

Laney Donahue – Nott, C.A.C., C.S.P.

Stategic Partner/ Owner

I’ve grown up around the staffing industry and am now taking over our family-owned business that has over 40 years of staffing industry experience here in Silicon Valley. I began with PrideStaff 16 years ago as a part-time Staffing Assistant, became a full-time Staffing Coordinator, and grew into the Senior Staffing and Operations Manager position. Once I obtained a strong grasp of operations, I decided to explore my sales ability, while taking on the role of Account Manager. I have been the Branch Manager of our San Jose office for the last 6 years and I have recently become a partner/owner alongside my mother. I am running the day to day operations now, building a top notch team and changing as many lives as I can on a daily basis.

Personal Mission: To make a positive difference within my clients’ organizations and my applicants’ lives, by not only building, but also maintaining strong, trusting, and invaluable relationships.

What I like best about being in the staffing industry: I decided to work in this industry full-time because I love helping people find work that they cannot find for themselves and I love helping companies find great employees. Enabling someone to obtain something they could not achieve on their own gives me a great feeling inside – knowing that I played a part in changing a person’s life for the better is a wonderful feeling. Secret of my success: I want to make sure that everyone I come in contact with, whether they are a client or an applicant, knows that I care about them and what they do. That I will do whatever it takes to help them in any way that I can. My goal is to make everyone that I come in contact with feel “special.”